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How To Make A Diaper Cake – The Easy Way

Not only are diaper cakes super cute, they make a great gift. We all know every new mom is going to be needing lots of diapers, but you can also decorate the cake with other items she can use. Plus, it make for great decoration at the baby shower. They can look intimidating but they…

How I beat Face Mask Breakouts

Before the Coronavirus pandemic started, I begun getting pretty into skin care. I did all kinds of research, talked to a few people, (shout out Mariah!) and even read a couple books about it. I had my skin looking clear, smooth, and even. I was finally confident going out in public with out foundation on.…

Finding the perfect PJS

I had been looking for some cute new pajamas for while. I couldn’t find anything exactly like what I had in mind, or if I did it was extremely expensive. I thought I had found the perfect pair on Amazon. It came with pants, a tank top, night gown, and a robe. I loved the…

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