How To Make A Diaper Cake – The Easy Way

Not only are diaper cakes super cute, they make a great gift. We all know every new mom is going to be needing lots of diapers, but you can also decorate the cake with other items she can use. Plus, it make for great decoration at the baby shower. They can look intimidating but they are actually really easy to make.

Here’s What you will need:

  • Cardboard Cake Rounds – I normally use a 10 or 12 inch. Depending on how big you want your cake to be and also if you want the cardboard to show so you can add fun decorations to it. They also come in different colors so you could get one to match or go with the plain white.
  • Paper Towel Core – This is the inside of a paper towel roll when all the paper towels are gone
  • Diapers – You’ll need about 40 – 60 diapers depending on how large you decide to make your cake. I always buy the big pack (that is normally around $25) and use the left overs for other decorations or I throw them in a gift bag for an extra gift. (120 Pampers on Amazon for $24.94 click here) You can use any type of diaper for this. I always ask the mom to be what her preferred brand is and use that. I try to either get newborn or size 1.
  • Clear Elastic Rubber Bands – The ones that you would use at the end of a hair braid work best and are a great price. The best bang for your buck is a pack of 2400 of them on amazon for only $4.85 (click here) You wont need this many for your cake so you’ll have plenty for other projects or to use in your hair. Alternatively, they sometimes smaller packs at the dollar tree for $1. Just make sure you get the clear ones so you can’t see them on your cake.
  • Ribbon – After you have picked your theme, you will need to find some cute ribbon that goes with it! How many different types you choose is up to you. In my pictures above, I did each one different. I used three different ribbons (one for each tier) on my “its a girl” cake and on my fiesta cake I used three ribbons, I glued two of them together as well as some fiesta beads and used a more frilly one around the top of the tiers. Walmart & Hobby Lobby both normally have cute selections. Look for Hobby Lobby to have theirs on sale!
  • Other baby stuff that matches your theme that is small enough to fit on the cake – This can be anything! On my fiesta cake, I ordered adorable ducks off amazon (click here for them) for my “its a girl cake” I got some cute socks and pacifiers from the dollar tree. (I clipped the socks on the ribbons with cute little tiny clothes pins that I also got from the dollar tree)
  • Cake topper- A cake topper is very important because without it you can see the paper towel core which just isn’t very cute. I love a cute stuffed animal that goes with the theme, like I did in my “its a girl cake” but you can also use other things like the super cute mini sombrero I used on my fiesta cake. (Click here for mini sombrero)
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue – You’ll need a hot glue gun and some glue for it to glue some pieces together. If you don’t have one, you don’t need a super expensive one. A cheap one from Walmart or even a “mini” will do the trick. Just make sure if you get the correct size glue sticks to put in them . You can get this mini one on amazon for only $7.89 and it comes with 24 glues sticks (some of which are glittery!) (click here for amazon hot glue gun)

Step 1:

Using your hot glue gun, glue the paper towel core to the center of your cake board.

Step 2

Roll a good amount of your diapers. Make sure to start your roll at the top of the diaper to ensure a clean finish. Use your clear elastics to hold the rolls together.

Step 3

Set your first tier of diapers standing up using your paper towel core for support. You don’t want to glue the diapers so that the mom-to-be can actually use the diapers later. Use the ribbon you have selected to hug the diapers to keep them in place. Glue the ribbon to itself when it touches, be sure to not get the glue on the diapers.

Step 4 & 5

Repeat step 3 for the next two tiers, as shown in the pictures above.

Step 6

Decorate your cake. For this one I glued some cute pink Pom poms to the cake board. I stuck little pacifiers around it and attached some socks. I used a cake topper that says “its a girl” and added a cute lamb as the topper.

And just like that your have an adorable quick and easy diaper cake that your mom-to-be and all of her guest will love.