Finding the perfect PJS

I had been looking for some cute new pajamas for while. I couldn’t find anything exactly like what I had in mind, or if I did it was extremely expensive. I thought I had found the perfect pair on Amazon. It came with pants, a tank top, night gown, and a robe. I loved the color, it was lacy and soft. I though I had found the perfect pajama set and for only $36.99!

Upon receiving the set from Amazon I was very disappointed. They looked cheap. There was wrinkles in them that made them look worse and the lace wasn’t attached where it would lay flat. The chest pads were not in the garment, they left that for you to do yourself. I felt like I was wearing the knock off Halloween customer with the cardboard mask with a string stapled to it instead of a quality costume that actually looks like the character. Needless to say, this set was returned.

After feeling defeated about my amazon purchase, I was scrolling threw facebook one day, I came across an ad for the cutest little space pajamas. Being skeptical of anything on an ad and never hearing of the site before, I made a post asking if anyone had ordered anything from the site before. I got a response from a girl I used to work with who told me that the site was legit but shipping takes a long time. As I had been looking for so long for the perfect pjs what an extra couple weeks for shipping? (Plus they offer free returns so it couldn’t hurt to give them a try)

I downloaded the app associated with the Facebook advertisement “ROMWE” and started looking through their catalog. It looked like they have lots of clothes for good good prices but I had to stay focused on pajamas. (Because if you know me, my shopping adventures can get out of hand FAST) They SO many pajamas, I had trouble choosing which ones to purchase. I like that the app features a heart button you can click to add items to your wish list.

I loved so many of their pajamas/ lingerie options! I added 62 items to my wish list. They were all so cute I just couldn’t decide. I called upon my friends Gabby and Elizabeth for their options. Thankful, they helped me narrow it down to my top 3 sets. (Let’s be honest, no one needs 62 pairs of pjs anyway) I also got a pack of earrings that I just couldn’t pass up.

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After the promotions they were currently offering and a promo code given to me by the app, I only spent a total of $33.36. I got free shipping but did pay $0.99 for the shipping insurance. I also got a total discount of $4.14. I placed my order on November 19th, and they gave me an estimated delivery date of December 2nd, which I didn’t think was that bad. The package was actually delivered earlier than expected, and got here on November 30th, which was a nice surprise.

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I was surprised at how well they were made and that they were identical to the picture shown in the app.

Below is a review on each item received: (prices are original prices, not the sell prices)

Letter And Galaxy Print Pajama Set $10.23

These pjs were softer than expected. They are a cotton polyester blend, allowing them to be soft and lightweight. These jammies are perfect for summer time and are adorable. (P.S. You can mix and match these with the Alien set!)

Alien Print Crop Top & Pants PJ Set $18.95

I was once again surprised by how soft this set was! It’s super cute. It does bunch up more in the waist of the pants more than in the picture but you but its still super cute. It’s made in the with the same material as the space set (P.S. You can mix and match this set with both the space set and the pink trouble set!)

Letter Graphic Bow Front Cami PJ Set $8.95

I love this set! It’s so cute! This one isn’t as soft (not uncomfortable in any way but in comparison to the previous too, its just not as soft) This one is made of cotton. The top is a little thin and it shows if your a little cold. But this one fit me the best out of all of them. This set is perfect for a really hot night.

4pair Astronaut & Galaxy Drop Earrings $1.45

These earrings came perfectly as pictured! I love how cute they are and you can’t beat the price.

What’s better than cute pajamas? If your nails match!

Colorstreet has some super cute dry nail polish strips to go perfectly with your new pjs!

Himalayan salt is the perfect pale pink color to go with this pj set!

Soho-ver It is a super sparkley black glitter color that is prefect for this space pajama set!

Pink Warrior matches the aliens in these PJs perfectly! This set also helps promote Brest Cancer awareness! Colorstreet is donating to four organizations involved in research, awareness and support for individuals and families affected by breast cancer.